How to feather icing : Feather icing on biscuits

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In this video I show you how to feather icing. This method can be used on cakes, cupcakes and biscuits. This is a simple and very effective decorating technique. You can use glace icing, chocolate or Royal icing.

It is best to work with icing while it is still wet. The icing can be coloured any colour you like

What will you need to feather icing?

Glace icing recipe make it thicker so that it does not drip down the sides of the cake

Royal icing recipe

You will need a cake, you can try out this coconut and lemon cake or any the cake recipes on here and/or some sugar cookies

A piping bag

Gel colours to colour the icing. (affilioate)

Method to feather icing

Spread the main colour on your bake.

Pipe the other colour on top in lines across the main colour

Use a toothpick to run down one side of the cake. Then up again on the opposite side. Start on the edge (watch video for demonstration)

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