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In this video I show you how to cover a royal icing cake with marzipan and decorate with Royal icing.  I use a fruit cake for this demonstration.

You will need the following 


  • While your cake is baking you can make your marzipan and Royal icing and put them to one side.
  • When you cake is ready and cooled you break off some pieces off the marzipan and cover and holes that might be in the cake.
  • Warm your apricot jam up and brush it on top of the cake. This helps the marzipan stick on to the cake.
  • Roll your marzipan out with a rolling pin, use some icing sugar to stop it sticking, if necessary.
  • Use the rolling pin to lift the marzipan on to the cake and gently roll it and put the rolling pin to one side. Use your hands to put the marzipan in place. You can watch a video tutorial here to help you see how it is done.
  • Smooth it down with your hands or smoother. It does not need to be very neat because you will be putting Royal icing on top.
  • You can let your marzipan set for a few hours or overnight and then spread some Royal icing on top and pake some peaks with a knife or spatula just to give a lovely homemade look.
  • Leave it to dry for a few hours preferably overnight before adding any other decorations if you are planning on adding more.


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