Quiche recipe without cream or milk

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You will need cheese pastry for quiche like the one I used in this recipe or savoury shortcrust pastry without cheese.

An 8 inch round flan tin with a removable base.

Eggs and vegetables of your choice.


Cheese (optional)

The pastry slightly pulls from the sides because of the melting cheese. When you use the savoury shortcrust pastry you can blind bake it first. You can blind bake first if you like but is is not necessary.

Method for making quiche without cream or milk

Make the cheese pastry or pastry of your choice

Put the quiche mixture into your tin

Make your egg, onion and other vegetable mixture and pour it into the pastry

Bake in the oven until almost cooked, add cheese and put back in the oven until the cheese has melted.


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