Natural foodie flavours

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Natural foodie flavours

I do not usually put flavourings in any of my cakes or anything else I bake. When I saw these natural foodie flavours I was attracted to the fact that they are natural so I decided to try a few. There are so many available flavours that choosing a few can be quite difficult. I might end up with the whole selection but these three will do for now.

The great this is I can use them in my bakes as well as in the icing. I really want to use the bubblegum flavour first. Of the three flavours I have the bubblegum is my absolute favourite, it smells amazing!

I am going to definitely try out the bubblegum flavour first and then give my review. If you would like to buy your own foodie flavours you can find them here


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This chocolate sponge cake is a great recipe for afternoon tea or any time.

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