Ginger Syrup : Ginger Stem or root

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In this video tutorial i show you how I make ginger syrup from ginger stem or root. The longer you leave the ginger to infuse the syrup the more gingery the syrup gets. Stem ginger or root are the same thing, some people use the words interchangeably. Ginger is a root or stem? Most people think it is a root but it is a stem.

The ginger syrup and the stem or root ginger can be added to cakes, cookies, drizzled over desserts e.t.c

There are many uses of ginger and this is just one of them. The ginger water from the blanching process can be drunk on it’s own or with some lemon and honey. Drinking ginger water has it’s benefits and you can read more about it online.

Before making the syrup you need some water, about a litre to blanch the pieces of ginger. This water is not part of the ginger syrup making. (Read method for more information)

Ingredients for the ginger syrup

300 grams fresh stem ginger

300 grams sugar

1 tablespoon golden syrup

150ml water


Peel the fresh ginger and cut into small pieces.

Put enough cold water to cover the ginger and put on a hot plate and leave to boil for about 20 minutes.

Remove from the heat and drain the water out using a colander and a bowl. (You can drink the water when it has cooled with some lemon and honey)

Put the ginger pieces back in the pot and add more cold water to cover the ginger, bring to the boil and drain.Repeat the process two more times and then after the final draining leave the ginger in the colander.

Add the sugar, golden syrup and water to a pot the add in the ginger pieces.

Stir and then put on a hot plate and stir until the sugar has dissolved

Let it boil until the water turns into a syrup and the amount has reduced.

Leave to cool for a bit and then scoop the mixture into some sterilised jars. You can watch a video on how to sterilise jars here

Once opened keep it in the fridge.


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