Irish themed vanilla cupcakes

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Irish themed vanilla cupcakes

I was asked to bake one hundred Irish themed cupcakes with a shamrock on top of each for my tennis club. I went online and ordered a shamrock cutter so that I could make my own cupcake toppers but when it came in the post a day before the event I realised it was the wrong size. It was a cookie cutter size instead of a cupcake decoration size.

I had to go back to the drawing board! Let us just say I learnt a lot about Ireland in two hours than I had ever learnt in my whole life. I decided to go for the Irish flag colour scheme. I went to the shops to buy some white cupcake cases. When I arrived there I was so happy to find out there was one pack of orange and green cupcake cases left on the shelf which I quickly bought together with the white ones.

Before the event the tennis club decided they wanted 50-60 cupcakes instead of the original one hundred. Phew!!!

vanilla cupcakes

They wanted two flavours, vanilla and chocolate cupcakes.

I always bake my cupcakes on the day of any event because I like them to be fresh. I start really early on the day and never leave it last minute in case I forget something and have to start all over again. Starting early gives me a chance to correct anything if it goes wrong.

I first baked vanilla cupcakes using my favourite vanilla cupcake recipe. Whilst they were baking I made the chocolate cupcake mixture. Whilst the vanilla cupcakes were cooling and the chocolate cupcakes were baking and I started on the butter icing.

I then divided the icing into 3 different bowls. One was left white, the other coloured orange and the last one green. Yes, the colours on the Irish flag.

butter icing

When the cupcakes were completely cold I decorated them.

These were my results and the tennis club loved them.

rish themed vanilla cupcakes, St patrick's day cupcakes


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