Baking with goose eggs

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Baking with goose eggs

Since I started baking I have only used hen eggs. I’m guessing this is because hen eggs are readily available in most places. It’s not until today when I saw some goose eggs in our local shop that I decided to buy one and then I thought this could work in a cake recipe. The only thing is they are quite big so I one goose egg can be used instead of 3-4 medium eggs depending on how much the goose egg weighs.

The goose egg I have weighs 170 grams in its shell. Standard egg sizes vary per country but in the U.K medium eggs weigh between 53-63g and large eggs weigh between 63-73 grams. I have asked a few people and some have used goose eggs before without any problems. When I brought up the goose egg debate some people have mentioned that they have baked with duck eggs before and they say duck eggs produce really light cakes.

The local shop near also sells duck eggs but I had never thought about baking with them either but I will definitely buy some duck eggs to bake with because of the great reviews I heard from quite a lot of people and compare them with the usual hen egg recipes I use.

Simple goose egg recipe:

Weigh your goose egg, in my case it is 170 grams so put the same weight in softened butter, self-raising flour and sugar and then add a teaspoon of vanilla extract and bake in two 6 inch round cake tins for about 20-25 minutes at 175 Celsius.

When the cakes are ready remove from the cake tin and then let them cool completely. When they are cooled sandwich them with jam and serve. You can sprinkle some icing sugar or caster sugar on top and serve.


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