Simple cake decorating for beginners

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In this video tutorial I am going to show you Simple cake decorating for beginners. It is a simple naked cake design and you can add any decorations you like on top. I just happened to have some French macarons which I used. If you would like to learn how to bake French macarons I have a video tutorial showing you how to.

There are two methods I use to bake macarons so you can choose any of the two but I prefer the French method of making macarons because it is easier.

You will need the following


  • Bake your cakes and then when they are cooled put one on a serving plate
  • Put your nozzle in a piping bag
  • Put the buttercream in the piping bag and then pipe the Swiss meringue buttercream on to the cake on the plate, make sure the whole cake is covered.
  • Take your second cake and put it on top of the cake on the plate and pipe on top.
  • Top it up with the decorations you are using. If you are using macarons, arrange them so that you have a macaron per slice of cake.
  • Serve and enjoy.


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