Chocolate Scotch Eggs

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In this video tutorial I show you how to make chocolate scotch eggs using creme eggs which have a gooey centre and give the impression of runny egg yolks. They are quick and simple to make and taste great.

You will need the following 


  • Bake the brownies and let them cool down completely
  • When the brownies have cooled, crumble them with your hands
  • Add in as much of the buttercream as you want, you can add all of it, and mix it in.
  • Peel off the chocolate egg wrappers and put them to one side.
  • Crush the biscuits with a rolling pin until fine or put them in a food processor.
  • Get one of the chocolate creme eggs and cover them it with the brownie mixture, when completely covered put it in the bowl of crushed biscuits and cover it all over.
  • Put it on a plate and repeat the process until you have covered all the chocolate creme eggs.
  • If it is a hot day, you can leave them to set in the fridge for a few minutes and then remove and cut them and serve.
  • You can also package them and give them away as gifts.


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