How to make pavlova meringue

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Pavlova recipes are meringues and are  simple to make, all you need are egg whites and sugar. Meringues are a type of dessert, they have a hard outside and a chewy, marshmallow like centre. In this recipe I am showing you how to make pavlova meringue. This meringue recipe can also be used to make meringue kisses, meringue drops, colourful meringues (you can just colour them with gel colours).

I also used this meringue for the topping on a lemon meringue pie recipe. Some other recipes that use meringue are lemon meringue pies baked Alaska and Eton mess, meringue nests, meringue cookies and this meringue recipe can be used for all these dessert meringue recipes. Sometimes you will just need to scale up the recipe depending on the size of what you are making.

Some meringue recipes ask you to use cream of tartar but it is not always necessary, this vanilla meringue recipe is without cream of tartar.


  • 3 egg whites
  • 120 grams caster sugar


  • Make your meringue by putting your egg whites in a bowl and then whisk, you will notice that it is bubbly. It will not be ready but carry on whisking until soft peaks appear.
  • Add a tablespoon at a time and whisk well between each tablespoon of sugar added until all the sugar is used up.
  • Put a bit of the mixture between your fingers and it should feel smooth not grainy. If you tip the bowl upside down the meringue does not fall out and this also shows it is ready.
  • You can now use the meringue to make the meringue dessert you want


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