How to pipe rosettes : Cake icing techniques for beginners

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In this video tutorial I show you how to pipe rosettes. Cake icing techniques for beginners. Rosettes are a great design to pipe on cakes or cupcakes. There are different tips you can use to pipe rosettes. I was just trying out this open star nozzle tip to see what I come with and the results were quite good.

I have also used a different tip to pipe a rose before and you can see the results here on how to pipe a rose on a cupcake

In a tutorial I did about decorating cupcakes which I used for my cupcake bouquet I also piped a two tone rose . I used a closed star nozzle for that one too.

You can try them out and you can decide which one you like best, I like both so I guess I use any which is at hand.

What you will need :


  • Fit a nozzle in your piping bag.You can use a piping bag without a coupler and you can watch the tutorial I did showing you how.
  • Put the icing in the bag.
  • Start piping the rosettes from the centre of each on going anti-clockwise outwards and then stop. It makes a lot more sense if you watch the video.
  • You just can on piping until all the icing is piped on. If you are making a bigger cake or piping on the outside of a big cake you will need more icing so just multiply the icing recipe a few times for the amount of cake you need.
  • When you finish piping you will notice that there are gaps in between the rosettes. You can fill these in with some icing. Just pipe a few blobs on each section to cover the cake or leave it as it is.


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