How to use a piping bag without a coupler

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In this video I show you how to use a piping bag without a coupler. I first show you how to put a nozzle in a piping bag and fit a nozzle in the piping bag. I then show you two different ways to fill your piping bag and then pipe a simple design on a cupcake.

You will need the following


  • Get a piping bag and a pair of scissors and cut a piece of plastic off the end of the piping bag and then put your nozzle inside. If the nozzle does not fit properly just remove the nozzle and cut a piece off again and then put the nozzle back in.
  • Open your piping bag and put it one hand and then using your other hand scoop the icing into the piping bag and then gently squeeze the icing down the piping bag until it just begins to come through the nozzle and then you can start piping. Here is a video of some simple piping techniques
  • You can also fill your piping bag by putting a piping bag fitted with a nozzle in a tall cup and then open up the bag over the cup. Spoon your icing into the bag and then lift it up and gently squeeze the icing until it just starts to come through to the other end and start piping.

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