How to make sourdough starter from scratch

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Making sourdough starter is a lot easier than most people think. The sourdough just takes some time to make because you need to give it time to mature and it has to be made at least 7 days in advance. The longer you leave it the better it gets. You will also learn how to feed sourdough bread and reviving sourdough starter from fridge.

You can read more about why sourdough is easier to digest amongst many other benefits of sourdough bread and why it is better for most people by clicking this link to the real bread campaign.

Sourdough Starter Ingredients

  • Flour, it can be plain white flour or white bread flour or whatever flour you are going to use for the bread.  I prefer plain white or plain white bread flour
  • Water
  • You will also need a large jar with a lid

Method : Sourdough starter

Day One

Mix 50 grams of flour and 50 ml water together in a small bowl and then pour it into the large jar and cover with the lid. If you want to see how much it rises you can put a mark to the level of the flour mixture. See how much it has risen the next day.

Leave this at room temperature

Day Two

You will see that the mixture is getting bubbly and this is perfectly fine. Make more of the 50 gram flour and water mixture and add it to the jar and mix. Leave at room temperature and leave it overnight again.

Day Three – Day Seven

  • Repeat the day two process.
  • You may find that by about day four – day 5 that the jar will be filling up too much and about to over flow.
  • If this happens spill some out and then make more feed and add to the jar.
  • It will smell a bit like vinegar as well and that is what you are looking for. If this starts to happen round day 3-4 it will still not be ready. Do not be tempted to use it too early.
  • You will need to feed it every day when kept at room temperature.
  • When you use some for the sourdough bread you can keep the rest for another day. Keep it in the fridge and you do not need to feed it.
  • When you need it again, get it out of the fridge the day before, feed it, mix and leave it overnight at room temperature and it should be ready to use.

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