How to make chocolate covered strawberries

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In this video tutorial I show you how to make chocolate covered strawberries. You can use any chocolate of your choice, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white work well.

Sprinkles can be added or you can drizzle a contrasting colour on each strawberry to create lovely patterns. Chocolate covered strawberries can be eaten on their own or used to decorate cakes and/or desserts


Strawberries, bananas or other fruit like bananas

Chocolate, as much as you need (Good thing is you can always melt some more if you run out)

Sprinkles (optional)

You will also need some greaseproof paper to put the strawberries on

Method for chocolate covered strawberries

If your strawberries need washing, wash them and pat them dry with some paper towel, and put to one side. Remove the leaves (optional) but keep the stalk so that you can dip them easily in the chocolate.

Melt your chocolate, to watch a video I created with two different ways to melt chocolate click here

Dip the strawberries in the chocolate, you can dip them partially or all the way.

Put on the greaseproof paper and leave to dry

If you are using sprinkles, dip the strawberries in the sprinkles and immediately add the sprinkles and put on the paper to leave to dry.

Let’s say you have dipped the strawberries in white chocolate, you can melt some milk or dark chocolate. Dip a fork in the milk/dark chocolate and drizzle over the white chocolate to make some patterns.

Leave to dry and serve or use to decorate.

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