How to make Cake Lace : How to apply cake lace to fondant

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I have been meaning to make edible cake lace for a while but I have not got around to it yet. However, while browsing a baking section in my local supermarket (Waitrose, U.K) I came across this cake lace kit. (In video . I decided to buy it and try it out.

The instructions on the box are quite straightforward and simple to follow. The great thing is that the kit comes with a silicon mould, great size for cupcakes and some of the smaller ones for macarons.

There are different size cake lace moulds which you can buy for wedding cakes or other special occasion cakes.

What you need for the gold edible lace kit

Cake lace kit

Pastry brush

A bit of water

Vanilla cupcakes

store bought fondant or you can make your own

How to make fondant for beginners

Some buttercream, you can make as much as you need depending on the design you are doing

Method to make edible cake lace

Read the instructions on the cake lace kit box

Open the box and make the cake lace according to the instructions

Ice/Frost some cupcakes and put fondant on top.

Wet the fondant on top with a bit of water to help stick the edible cake lace

Remove the cake lace from the mould and stick one on top and leave to dry.

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