How to make butter at home

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In this video tutorial I show you how to make at home with just one ingredient, or two if you want to make salted butter. This video also shows you how to make buttermilk at home when you have made the butter. You can read more in the method below.

I did not time myself but I estimate that this homemade butter can be made in less than 10 minutes. You can use this butter just like any shop bought butter. Swiss meringue buttercream, Italian meringue buttercream and puff pastry are just some of the examples of the many possibilities


  • 600 ml double cream or heavy cream (any amount will work)


  • Pour the double cream into a large bowl and start whisking it with a hand whisk.  (You can also make butter by putting the cream in a clean jar with a lid and shaking it until it turns to butter and then follow the rinsing steps below.)
  • It will start to get thick and increase in volume but carry on whisking until is thick just like whipped cream which you use to decorate cakes or fill pastries.
  • When it gets to the perfect whipped cream stage, carry on whipping until is is over whipped and begins to separate. At this stage it will be too thick and much harder to whip but carry on whipping.
  • The colour starts to change and turn yellow and a bit lumpy, carry on whipping and you will notice that there is some milk at the bottom of the bowl and that is buttermilk.
  • Initially the buttermilk is a little bit but beat some more and there will be more buttermilk at the bottom.
  • Pour the buttermilk in a separate bowl or jug, now use your hands to knead the butter and get more buttermilk out of the butter. Pour the buttermilk into the jug or bowl with the other buttermilk.
  • I weighed my butter and I made 306 grams butter and 241 ml of buttermilk
  • Now put the butter in the bowl again and pour in some very cold water and rinse the butter out to remove excess buttermilk, knead the butter in the cold water and then squeeze the water out and you can throw the water away. This gives the butter a longer shelf life.
  • Now you can use the butter for bread, baking or anything else. If you want to make unsalted butter just add salt to your butter and mix it.
  • You can put the butter in a container and store in the fridge.


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