Empire biscuits

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Empire biscuits are a traditional Scottish biscuit recipe. Empire biscuits are known by several names like German biscuit , Imperial Biscuit and Belgian biscuit because it is decorated like a Belgian bun.

Ingredients for Empire biscuits

I made my favourite easy homemade biscuit recipe

To decorate the Empire biscuits

Some very thick glace icing

Glace cherries cut in half

Homemade strawberry jam or store bought jam. If you do not like strawberry jam, any jam of your choice will be fine

Method for the Empire biscuits

Make the dough for the biscuits, after it has chilled, roll it out and cut into circles with a cookie cutterChill the shapes again and then bake

Bake an even number, half of them will be used for the top and the others for the bottom. The bottom ones are the ones that will have jam in the middle.

Make the glace icing, make it vey thick so that it does not slide down the biscuits

When the biscuits are ready and have cooled, put some jam on half of them

Spoon some glace icing on top and a cherry on top of the other half and leave it to set.

When they have set you can sandwich them with the jam ones


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