Coffee Buttercream : Real simple coffee frosting

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Coffee buttercream goes really well with coffee buttercream and chocolate cupcakes, it is very simple to make and it is creamy and delicious.

What you need for the coffee buttercream

You can make some buttercream of your choice. In this video I used American buttercream but you can make buttercream of you choice e.g Italian Buttercream, Swiss Buttercream or Ermine Frosting

You can even make coffee chocolate buttercream by adding coffee to chocolate buttercream or chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream

Some coffee, I made some by dissolving some coffee granules in some hot water. One tablespoon coffee granules to one tablespoon of hot water and leave it to cool down.

Method for coffee buttercream icing

Make your buttercream icing and then add the cooled down coffee and whisk together

Then decorate your cakes

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