Leftover buttercream cake

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In this video tutorial I show you how to make some leftover buttercream cake with some leftover buttercream. This is an idea of what you can do with some leftover buttercream.. You can use a single buttercream colour or mix colours, it does not matter, they still taste great.

Ingredients for leftover buttercream cake

100 grams self raising flour

64 grams buttercream

1 large egg

Vanilla extract (optional)

Method for leftover buttercream cake

Pre-heat oven to 180 Celsius

Prepare a cupcake tray or fairy cake tray and put to one side

Mix all the baking ingredients in a bowl until smooth

If the mixture is too thick you can add a bit of milk to loosen it

Divide the mixture between the prepared cupcake tray

Bake for about 20 -25 minutes or until slightly golden brown or firm on top. You may not be able to see the golden brown on top depending on the colour of your cakes.

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