Easy gifts to make at home : Easy handmade gifts

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When you love to bake, cook and/or make crafts you find that you have many creative and delicious gifts you can give loved ones. In this video I show you easy gifts to make at home. Easy hand made gifts do not have to take a lot of time but they are made with love and attention to detail.

I love baking and making sweets and I give away a lot of them to friends and family. Occasionally I like to package them and give them to friends near and far. jam is one of those quite simple to make.

With a few accessories homemade jam jars can look so pretty and unique.

If you like sewing you can make some of the jam jar covers like the ones I used on the jam jars and customise anyway you like.

Here is a link to a video I did showing how to make strawberry jam. You use the same method to make raspberry jam.

A jam funnel is an easier way to pour jam into jam jars and you can find one here

Finally when the jam is cool you can add a jam jar label and write on it .

Other gift ideas to try out are homemade marshmallows and fudge

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