Covering a round cake board with fondant for beginners

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In this video I will be showing you how covering a round cake board with fondant for beginners can be so simple and straightforward.

Covering a cake board with fondant adds a great finish to your cakes. The fondant can be coloured according to any colour scheme you will be using. Colouring fondant is quite easy to do so if you would like to colour it I suggest you use food colouring gels which work best for me. You will find the gels in quite a lot of cake decorating shops and online.

When you have covered your board it is important that you leave it to dry overnight or if you do not have enough time, at least a couple of hours so that the fondant covered cake board gets time to set so that it does not get easily dented when you touch it or when you put your cake on it.

Always roll out more fondant than you need because it is a lot easier to cover the cake board when you do that. You can then remove any excess fondant and use it to make some simple fondant decorations or just use it another time .

To cover the cake board you will need the following :

  • a cake board
  • a pastry brush
  • water and fondant


  • Knead your fondant until it is soft and easy to roll out.
  • Roll it out with a rolling pin until the required thickness.
  • Use your cake board as a template to see if the cake board will be covered by the rolled out fondant.
  • Brush some water on to the cake board and then place your fondant on top
  • Smooth the fondant with your hands or cake smoother and then cut off any excess
  • Keep on smoothing until it is nice and smooth.  If you get any air bubbles just pop them with a toothpick and smooth some more.


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