Bubble wrap cake decorating

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Join me in this tutorial as I try to make this bubble wrap cake decorating technique for the first time. It is quite effective and beautiful to make. It can get quite messy but it is all part of the fun to make it.

I used white chocolate but you can use other chocolate like white chocolate or milk chocolate. The good thing about white chocolate is that it can be coloured many different colours using oil based colours.

Ingredients for the bubble wrap cake decorating

600 grams white chocolate

chocolate food colouring (optional)

a piece of bubblewrap enough to go round your cake, make sure it touches so that there is no gap.

I used a 20cm/8 inches round cake which was about 15cm/6 inches round

Melt the chocolate in a microwave, you can watch a video on how to melt white chocolate in a microwave.

Method for bubble wrap cake decorating

Bake a cake and crumb coat it and put it to the side

Melt the white chocolate and spread it on the textured side of of the bubblewrap.

Make sure all the texture is covered so that is not too thin.

Leave the chocolate to set a bit so that it is not too thin and drippy when you wrap around the cake. You can put it in the fridge but watch carefully so that it doesn’t completely set.

Wrap it around the cake and press it against the cake gently

Leave to set completely, you can put it in the fridge.

Get it out and peel off the bubblewrap.

That’s it, you can now decorate it anyway you like.


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