British Desserts : Arctic Roll : Ice Cream Cake UK

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Arctic roll is an ice cream cake British dessert which is quite easy to make and assemble. You can make the Swiss Roll and shape the ice cream in advance and assemble later on in the day.

Ingredients for Arctic Roll

Bake a Swiss Roll

750 ml vanilla ice-cream, not soft serve or ice cream flavour of your choice

Raspberry jam or strawberry jam or another jam of your choice (optional)

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How to assemble the Arctic Roll

Bake the Swiss roll and let it cool.

While the Swiss roll is cooling prepare the ice-cream roll

Put slightly softened ice cream in a piece of cling film. Shape it and roll it into the same with as the Swiss roll.

Put it in the freezer and leave to firm up.

Unroll the Swiss roll, spread some jam on it.

Put the ice cream roll on one side.

Roll up the Swiss Roll and serve it immediately

Package any remainders and put in the freezer


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