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About Me


Welcome to Meadow Brown bakery! My name is  Tafadzwa (or Esther) and I love to bake! My baking passion started in mid 2006 after buying my first recipe book which I still have. It is a bit worn out due to the many times it has been used but I still refer to it every now and again. I had not set out to buy a baking book or any book for that matter on the day I bought it, but whilst I was browsing the book aisle this book caught my eye and I decided to buy it. I spent most of that day reading and browsing through the recipes and I decided I was going to bake.

I had no cake tin to my name nor any baking equipment so the next day I went to buy some. I bought two cake tins and the ingredients for the Victoria sponge cake I had set my eyes on. I went back home and I baked for the second time in my life at the age of 24 with great success, and as they say the rest is history.

The first time I attempted to bake was about three years earlier. I had picked up a free recipe leaflet in my local supermarket for banana muffins which I baked but they were awful. They all ended up in the bin!

I decided to start this blog as an outlet for my passion as well as share my recipes with others. Over the years I have baked hundreds if not thousands of recipes, with photos to prove it. My recipe book collection has grown as well as my baking equipment. I do not think I will ever stop collecting recipe books, baking equipment or anything related to baking and cake decorating.

I bake for friends, family, events and just because I feel like baking. The just because category is the one that most of my bakes fall into. I am known to wake up when everyone else is sleeping just to bake or go through some recipes.

I do not tend to ‘overdecorate’ my bakes because for me the cake, muffin, cookie or any other baked good should stand out more. I have seen and tasted some well presented and beautifully decorated cakes in my time which tasted awful so my focus is creating the best cakes, baked goods which will taste awesome when decorated. I do not let elaborate cake decorating cover the most important thing. A well baked cake sets the stage for some lovely decorating for those who love to decorate. My baked goodies taste delicious decorated or not!

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and I hope you will have a great time trying out my bakes and sharing your pictures with me on my Facebook page!


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