How to ganache and drip ganache on a cake

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In this video tutorial I will show you how to ganache and drip ganache on a cake. After I made a video tutorial showing how to make dark chocolate ganache, I decided to ganache some cake for the first time.

I baked three of these 8 inch moist vanilla cakes and stacked them.

After making the ganache I let it cool until spreadable and then spread a little of the dark chocolate ganache on the sides and top of the cake to crumb coat it. I then left the ganache to set for and then started adding thick layers of ganache and smoothing it over with the bench scraper, just put the excess back in the bowl. I repeated the process a few times to get the smoothness I required.

In keeping with the ganache them I decided to make some white chocolate ganache to drip on to the cake. I made the white chocolate ganache by mixing 200 grams of white chocolate and 400 millilitres of double cream. When the white chocolate ganache cooled slightly I then spread some on top and pushed some on the sides of the cake to let it drip down on the cake.

Before the white chocolate ganache had completely set I decided to decorate the top with some milk chocolate eggs and that is it.


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