Cupcake bouquet box : How to make a cupcake bouquet

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In this video I will be sharing with you this tutorial showing you how to make a cupcake bouquet. I will be showing you two different, yet beautiful, ways to make these beautiful cupcakes bouquet. Either way is great but you can choose which way you think is best. One way may work better for a different occasion so you can just use your own discretion. The link to buy the cupcake bouquet box is at the end of the post.

For both cupcake bouquets you will need seven decorated cupcakes. I baked vanilla cupcakes using my favourite vanilla cupcakes recipe but you can bake any cupcake flavours of your choice. I have decorated them in different ways and different colours but if you prefer a cupcake bouquet with one colour of decorations that is absolutely fine too.

The cupcake boxes come flat packed and they come with 7 plastic cups that fit inside the cupcake box. The cupcake box is quite deep so if you are giving them to someone as a gift you could add something else in the box, maybe chocolate or any other smaller gift.

If you are going to decorate your cupcakes it is important to push the toothpicks or cocktail sticks at least half way through the polystyrene ball because if you do not push it down enough they will poke out through the top of the cupcakes and you or your recipients can get pricked.

Initially I was going to assemble my cupcakes in a flower pot only but then I came across some cupcake boxes wit come plastic cups to fit the cupcakes so I decided to try both out and see what works best. From my experience I prefer the flower pot because it is sturdier than the cupcake boxes.

marshmallow flowers Chrysanthemum

If you would like how to know how to decorate the white cupcakes which are supposed to be the cakey edible versions of a very beautiful flower called white Chrysanthemums, mums or or chrysanths for short, you can watch the tutorial here. I made the yellow one the same way but I decided to paint it yellow with some edible paint which you can find in some cake shops or online.

You can buy the cupcake boxes by clicking this link

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