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How to use a banneton : How to use a proofing basket

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In this video I show you how to use a banneton or how to use a proofing basket. A proofing basket can be used with a liner or without a liner. A banneton is used so that you can get that shape for your bread. A liner which comes with the proofing basket can be used if you want a plain loaf, however if you want a patterned loaf you remove the liner.

You can use this for sourdough bread or any bread of your choice. You can watch a video on how to make sourdough starter

You will need the following :

A banneton or proofing basket of any shape, you can buy one on amazon by following this link Banneton (affiliate)


Gluten free flour (I use rice flour)


  • When it is your first time using the banneton remove the liner and use a pastry brush or the brush that comes with your banneton to brush the inside to remove any wood bits.(if any)
  • Brush some water or use a spray bottle of water to wet the bannetom
  • Sprinkle some flour in the banneton, you can use the same flour you are using for your bread but most flours end up sticking so any gluten free flour, I use rice flour works a lot better.
  • You make your bread dough and let it rise. For the second rise shape your bread and add a more flour on and put it in the banneton.
  • The bottom of the dough will end up as the top when you flip your bread onto your baking tray or ceramic bread pan.
  • To use the banneton with the liner you also put flour on the liner so that your dough does not stick on it.
  • Cover loosely with cling film and leave it to rise.

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