How to separate egg white from yolk : Egg yolk separator

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In this video tutorial I show you a quick and simple way to separate egg white from yolk. This can be done without an egg yolk separator nor an egg white separator.  Separating an egg means separating the egg yolks from the egg whites which can be required for some recipes.  There are some recipe links below which require egg separation.

You will need the following

  • eggs
  • two bowls


  • Crack an egg on the side of a bowl and put the egg over the bowl and open the egg up.
  • Let some egg white drip into the bowl, when there is a little bit of egg white left, pour the egg into your hands and let the the rest of the egg whites drip into the bowl between your fingers.
  • There should be egg yolk only left in your hands, put this in the other bowl
  • If you have more eggs just carry on until all your eggs are used up
  • If you get a bit of egg yolk in the egg whites you can use an egg shell to remove them.

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