Fridge biscuits/cookies

You know when you really want a biscuit or two but really do not want to make a huge batch from scratch. It’s a great idea to have biscuit dough ready for when such moments arise. I make a batch of cookies to keep in the fridge or freezer for such biscuit emergencies! They are also great for when you have guests.

Here are the fridge biscuits dough I made yesterday.

Fridge biscuits/cookies

One is peanut butter and chocolate chip shortbread and the other one is just vanilla shortbread. `I have the recipe for the vanilla shortbread here.

I do not have the peanut butter biscuit recipe written down yet but I will add it to the blog one of these days.

I decided to make some cookies from the peanut butter biscuits/cookies before heading out now!

Fridge biscuits/cookies


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